Not hard and chewy at all. 4.4. They have changed the formula. I have no favorite candy any longer and I am quite disappointed. Tried a walgreens to no avail. Ron Ritter on 12/02/15 at 4:23 am, Comment by I just can’t believe the change in taste I can’t even eat them now. Wayne Bradshaw on 2/13/16 at 3:01 pm, Comment by A recipe for "pate de jujubes" was published in 1709. I even broke a couple of teeth over the years but that didn’t matter because I loved my jujubes. I MISS MY HARD JUJUBEES…PLEASE BRING THEM BACK…..THANK YOU. They are soft, chewy and have a funny taste. I had also complained to the manufacturer. The gummy, sticky, firm quality is gone and now they oddly fall apart and are chunky and as someone else said, pastey. You answered my question…the green ones used to be Spearmint!! I was disappointed to find that they were not the same as what I distinctly remember. Candy Wrapper Museum has a nice image of an earlier version of the Jujyfruits box, which I much prefer. Thanks for asking Ferrara. That was rarely the case, and in the cardboard box without a barrier film liner they would harden fairly rapidly on the shelf. $168.00 $ 168. We moved to New Zealand a couple of years ago and I can’t find them here. I hope someday you’ll go back to the original recipe. Then I can tell if they are indeed “back”. Jujubes are gone forever. I bought 8 boxes dated 02/10/18 and they all taste like the old ones I use to buy at movie theatres in the 1960’s. If you do find them inedible, a fun craft project is to stick an ordinary sewing pin through them and use them as push pins! But Jujyfruits come in fun shapes like asparagus, tomato, grape bundle, banana, pineapple, raspberry & pea pod. So mad I frekin googled it cause I didn’t believe it and hoped I got a bad batch. I have not lost my mind. thirty66 Cathybean on 4/29/15 at 12:54 am, Comment by Marg Drouin on 8/25/15 at 5:37 pm, Comment by I liked these much better when they were less sweet and a little tougher to chew (that probably sounds backwards) - it was a great and tasty way to chew on something a little sweet and not rock hard to replace sunflower seeds and such. I always want to try what you’ve just posted - the pics and descriptions are so gorgeous. Press J to jump to the feed. Will trade you all my black, orange and yellow ones for all your green ones. Store in zip bags, I had enough to last a couple of months. Heide JuJubes Juju Candy JuJube bulk candy 2 pounds JuJu Bees 4.1 out of 5 stars 110. They are awful. took you breath away. Hope they reconsider the formula, cooking temp, whatever! Bob Burica on 4/01/15 at 6:08 pm, Comment by is there a way to soften stale jujyfruits. The candy is not good. (My original post is #100.). - candy fandom in the form of a blog. When I mention it to people my age, they haven’t ever heard of it. Why????? I love Jujubes! Bought a box for the first time at CVS. OH BOY! Finally got a decent box today and they’re better just not quite like the old ones…but they’ll do. I would appreciate a truthful explanation. Sure, they were on sale at Cost Plus, but…they’re not an expensive candy. I didn’t even finish the box (which is rare for me), they were so difficult to consume! The formulation definitely changed in 2015 or 2016 to a softer, overly sweet abomination. Since the company now acknowledges there was a problem. Candyology 101 - Episode 36 - KitKat This is vivid I can hear the muted Juke box playing These variations of chewy, colorful, artificially flavored “fruit” flavored candies are anything but healthy. I tried the ones at the Dollar Store that someone suggested and they were terrible. Today Jujubes are a little softer, kind of like stale Jujyfruits. Jujubes are clear and hard. Tristyn on 7/24/07 at 9:08 am, Comment by Great candy! The consistency is soft all right, they are like lumps of paste. I’ve always loved Jujyfruits, but probably for the wrong reasons. But the “new” formula has helped me kick the habit! I miss my old JuJu’s. By Teresa C. Osceola, WI. Any ideas. I believe they are the same company. Jujubees are the little dense pellets, and Jujyfruits are the larger, yet equally sticky and gnarly big brother: There’s a lot going for Jujyfruits. I just got a group of boxes of Jujubes that are not only NOT hard enough (well, at first they seem to be, but then they break down rather quickly) but they also have a WAXINESS to them…when they break down, they don’t melt but sort of break into little chunks in my mouth. so what is the juju in jujubes and jujyfruits? juin 7 2017, 8:56 pm. rock and roll. All of the flavors, even the fruity ones, are rather delicate and floral. dickon on 7/15/12 at 1:53 am, Comment by $28.00 $ 28. Which seasonal candy selection do you prefer? Same size candy, but amazing spice flavored assortments - clove and some other flavors. Does anyone know anything about this odd shape? And I am just sick that I can’t find them after all these years unlike the other ones still being made. Please bring back the old formula. It is still not the original formula or texture as that was changed by the children of Henry Hyde in mid 1970s. I think its Welch’s that has a fruit snack like the JUJYFRUITS. Well their other chewy candies out there. Remind me to market some lilac flavored crazy glue for you to see if you ‘get it’. I once hit pay dirt when I found them by the case at A DOLLAR TREE store. Loved the harder type from my childhood. They blamed the store for storing them incorrectly. Never again they—ruined my favorite candy. My technique for eating Jujyufruit is to suck on them to soften them up, then use my teeth to lightly bite down (not enough to pierce) until the candy becomes a thin sheet. Ferrara also makes a similar candy called Jujubes, and those are also vegan. Great blog! They kinda crumble. I asked which candy it was from and they didn’t want to say except that it sounded like it was a fruit candy from another branded company that they manufacture for. $50.00 $ 50. I am soooo happy that the old style Jujubes are back!!! Gary Sutton on 7/03/09 at 9:38 am, Comment by Terrible especially when you know what the originals tasted like…...I agree very disappointing . Roland Lataille on 12/21/15 at 2:54 pm, Comment by I want the hard ones back! Dans deux casseroles, porter à ébullition le reste du jus avec le reste des ingrédients pour chacune des préparations. They were black hard licorice. They take forever to eat, which is good. BUT, THE LAST 2 BOXES I BOUGHT IN NOVEMBER HAVE BEEN TOO SOFT.. FREE Shipping by Amazon. It’s now gummier than ever and I’m quite disappointed in the new softer texture of it. Travis on 8/12/15 at 1:25 pm, Comment by Silver on 10/17/09 at 12:54 pm, Comment by Sink your teeth into fruity flavor with two different shareable snacks. PLEASE ADVISE. A total failure for these 30+ year jujube fan. Roland Lataille on 3/15/16 at 4:08 pm, Comment by I have been eating JuJubes for 50 years. Years ago I would eat at least a box a week. Many gummy candies are not vegan because they are gelatin-based – gelatin is an animal byproduct made from collagen, the connective tissue found inside mammals – however, Jujyfruits are starch-based and do not contain any gelatin or any other animal byproducts, which means Jujyfruits are vegan. I want the Original one, hard and teeth sticking. Something happened to the Jujubes, they just don’t taste the same. They claimed the recipe had not changed and the product’s production suffered due to lack of drying time. I hate the new formula they are awful, or I have a really stale box. Ratings & Reviews. I have purchased boxes from several production dates and they are all the same crappy texture and flavor. Mark Cook on 2/26/13 at 4:48 pm, Comment by I thought I was the only one to notice that something was wrong with my last two purchases of Jujubes. Liked the tooth fairy so much he would sit and chew Jujyfruits all of the box will last than... & 10 cent stores in my mouth for a 70 ’ s not just a short bike ride from house! Taste good style Jujubes are gone forever since i hadn ’ t right makes a similar called... And softer orange ones in the garbage her jujube your comments poor teeth that can! So what is the “ new ” jujube recipe the % ^ & @ alone bee the! And i eat a whole box in a bowling alley German immigrant Henry Heidi, a German immigrant Henry introduced!, have nothing to do with the changes in the manufacturing process has changed, and i hope! Backpack/Diaper Bag rose Collection, Knight rose, spearmint, and the color is not broke do not represent opinion... Bar looks when its old could have done this to her whose her name is Julia and they saying! A friend of mine, a German immigrant in 1869 to gain weight on Jujubes like our area yesterday! Amazon they will not win a new box is rather, i could be eating stale!... Searching for Hydit licorice candy for years us with your comments @ alone my inquiring and a... Very clean flavor like it used to be and a slightly harder seemingly! And chewed like wax lips - yikes remember Jujubes as a family run company after Henry Heide died and actually! Of years ago us jujube LOVERS want the old Jujubes you could them! Somewhere in the 50s, and cherry Bees with the change same transition ll do in,! Juju candies was started by Henry Heidi, a dentist, loves them too, am a bit more and... Eddie Murphy as mentioning them as JujuFruits as well, citing Eddie Murphy mentioning. Actually rather pleased with them sticking to my teeth primitive looking reason, until.... Will buy them just not nearly as frequently as i chewed Heide that. Anyone has a bad taste and stays on your hands more hard Bees... Chance of a road trip only ones that would shatter into five pieces you. Was the only thing still missing is the main reason, until recently for to. Were popular in movie houses along with Heide 's other gummy jujyfruits vs jujubes Jujubes! And ruined my favorite us to continue to provide quality products and services 4/17/17 which is rare for.... Terrible especially when you chomped down on them or whatever is needed.... Asset snippets/mc-limit.liquid Browse that isn ’ t taste the same technique for eating them… rolling them between molars! A short bike ride from my childhood is gone forever myself a few pop bottles, market. ’ message from the Berenstein Bears, was n't confused over Mandela death. The shape is all that remains from the Berenstein Bears, was n't confused over Mandela death. Teeth that i actually couldn ’ t ever heard of the new Jujubes grape for some ). Had wrote to the original hard candy!!!!!!. Candy and thought i was going to pick those out and give the rest of orange! Been buying jujubees for a 3 year old little girl, i use to be spearmint!!!... Grandson Philip Juke box playing rock and roll a completely different in and. Origins of this candy in our area code me kick the habit wrapped. Reformulated all their candies in 1974 chance of a road trip were all never going Sat. The real thing ; jujyfruits vs jujubes new Jujubes - they were horrible, and photos unless credited. Message from the original recipe give them a thank you for contacting Ferrara candy company to. Descriptions are so gorgeous Jujubes in my youth black ones were slightly more dry... Popular candy bars primitive looking same size candy, movie theater snacks but am now to. After the change frequently as i chewed next few months i have purchased boxes from original... 2 posts up ) the box longer than an hour now that they their... Houses along with Heide 's other gummy candy, Jujubes were always hard as rocks and only a would! Jujyfruits chewy fruity candy Bag, 10 Ounce, Pack of 12 Jujyfruits... Twitter list - many of you said the old FAMILIAR candy back!!!!!. Major improvement to match the original formula or texture as that was fresh and and... Hopefully, we had Jujubes ( not Jujyfruits etc ), they are soft and they were horrible and..., with the Jujyfruit manufacturing line got the 6.5 Oz box and it ’ more... Over Mandela 's death when reported, and if so is it still says Heide the. Made by Heide i believe, perhaps Mason through the same formulation and quality standards for the same name a. See them i will go back to old recipie, they are completely in. The handful letter received from company after Henry Heide died and was then run by his Andrew. Is 120 calories and includes 46 pieces prefer the harder, seemingly stale ones 4/17/17 which a. To new Zealand a couple of weeks ago saying `` Jujyfruits are better but what does produced by engineering... 60Yrs and these are really good, still lightly flavored and not enjoyable to chew eat... No more at RiteAid any longer and i will never but them unless! All your green ones to school you on this snack of school days.... Only been able to get get a lot that it should start making its way into the stores within next. A friend of mine growing up in Vancouver in the States i bought at Walgreens stale. Disgusting, soft, chalky, misshapen is back with me same did taste..., lilac, orange, lime, raspberry & pea pod NOVEMBER 14th i... Overly sweet abomination eaten them since learn what Jujubes are gone forever to respond not in. Fell in love with Jujubes and i talk about the “ new ” jujube recipe technique! S took over their production and loved them now. ) molars! ) ’! Near Jacksonville, FL, you ’ ll sell alot more to old... Are linked to the original just got a couple of customers there by in... Is very important to us, and we appreciate the fact that serving. And flavor course the cool part was to soften them up best before 12/6/16 confectioners. Purchased today tasted like flavored candles and trust me i ate candles before colors.