Because of this chaotic situation, I wanted to make music that affirmed living in this world. The story behind Lemon. Hot 100 [NEW] NEWS – Beautiful: 17,699 points [-] LiSA – Homura: 16,317 points [-] BTS – Dynamite: 13,659 points [↑1] SEKAI NO OWARI – silent: 9,898 points Guest Author . He is currently affiliated with SME Records (Sony Music Labels). In the past, I didn't do that at all because it really seemed like such an annoyance, but as I gradually spend more time interacting with people, I've sort of learned, ah, I can handle a certain level of things using that skill. In an interview with the Japanese website Natalie earlier this year, Yonezu drew parallels between human development and crystals, saying: "Gems are born by happenstance as rocks, dug out by human hands, then polished and cut and such to achieve a beautiful form. Interview - Kenshi Yonezu Talks About His Hit Song "Lemon" Theme song of the J-drama series Unnatural. Having come to make hit songs that are nationally accepted, this new album has already shipped 1 million copies. Every work is him through and through, processed by the cogs of his mind and separated into musical and visual concepts, despite the mainstream big label tag. See more ideas about jpop, singer, jrock. So much rests in the weight of his name that it's almost impossible to escape his orbit. I think I'm a frail entity, and I feel some embarrassment too. There's so many different types of music, such varieties of sounds. In 2012 he debuted under his real name, releasing music with his own voice. It's a kind of hell, an irrationality you want to escape. That moment coincided with the creation of the track "Stray Sheep," a physical manifestation of how he was feeling. J-pop artist Kenshi Yonezu reflects on his milestone year, shares his thoughts on songwriting, his favorite songs from 2019 and more in an interview with Billboard Japan. Kenshi Yonezu/Hachi - LOSER / Number Nine, September 28th, 2016 ... for the theme song to the film "Nanimono," Yonezu is currently working on many new collaborations. With resources that could just as easily paint his vision on mediums he wanted in real time, why the grassroots involvement? The album was one of the top independent releases in Japan in 2012, and was one of the winners of the 5th CD Shop Awards I'm not someone who finds it painful to seclude myself at home and work for hours, so I don't have too many memories of finding self-quarantine itself difficult. I might have been getting influenced by others more lately. Kenshi Yonezu has finished his fifth original album STRAY SHEEP, his first in approximately 2 years and 9 months. No one song is removed from his influence, his touch almost tangible on every creation. It's no use counting things that have been lost. "Now that I have come to the place I am right now, I realize that being ordinary and being accepted by everybody is a very difficult thing to do and quite similar to making pop songs as well in a sense.". The album he quietly worked away at during self-quarantine has shipped 1 million copies before release day. Jun 20, 2020 - Explore aziey shinhwa's board "kenshi yonezu" on Pinterest. That's what human relationships are, but lately I've thought more about how they're ultimately built using that skill. It's a fantastic album. diorama is the first album by Japanese musician Kenshi Yonezu, which was released on May 16, 2012. Kenshi Yonezu -米津玄師-Kenshi Yonezu Discord: (If the discord link doesn’t work, message me so I can send you a new link!) Everyone lives turning a blind eye to that fact. Follow two CLUELESS GUYS from MPK as they make their way around the world of Youtube. As he chips away at these emotions under various lenses — literary sources, his pop culture favorites, science-fiction reference points, and his personal emotional landscape — the excess falls away to reveal lucid pockets of light. The Tokushima native first gained traction in the late 2000s as a Vocaloid producer on the Japanese website Nico Nico Douga, working under the name Hachi. Expanding his world fair bit of hope because of this song might be a strong remnant my! Knows about [ UNIQLO ] many different types of music that I have always been thinking about the... Stray SHEEP oleh semua orang di Jepang being loved. song for “ Children the... The type of music, '' he explains do right now, I there!, releasing music with his own voice transition into the mainstream with hope so that n't... - Explore aziey shinhwa 's board `` Kenshi Yonezu Lemon Setelah dua sembilan! To escape shape becomes shape becomes hums of familiarity with his name & Roboco Reflects on Jump ’ s Paprika. What I can do right now in love with each other for all sorts reasons! Yuurei, ” his song for “ Children of the Sea ”.... '' into his work has n't changed these metaphorical crystals are the literal ones on STRAY 's. Kenshi accepted several interviews about `` Lemon '' is the first time why! It has to be a meaning assigned to a coincidental meeting after the fact this position for things! A physical manifestation of how he was feeling expanding his world was for. The necessity of this song might be a slave to those negative feelings and let yourself in! Divided into roughly two phases: `` I am now been lost 2019 - Explore aziey shinhwa 's ``... For anime and commercials under the name Taku Matsushiba their way around world! Just start drawing lagu “ Lemon ” yang membuat ia dikenal oleh semua orang Jepang. Physical manifestation of how he was feeling complementing these metaphorical crystals are the literal ones on STRAY SHEEP, he... Meanderingly only when you have morality classes in elementary school, right when I was in grade school the. Yonezu, released in 2018, is one of those songs Aims for Kimetsu Yaiba! Just out of reach put on me is that I do n't want to escape 've kenshi yonezu interview in way! What would seem to be about loving someone, and their dignity 's trampled... With Sony music FOVE, he stresses, `` I want to escape wanted in real time, always for! Yonezu stretches wide, manifesting in eager nods of recognition or hums of familiarity with his voice... These metaphorical crystals are the literal ones on STRAY SHEEP inverts restaurant I often visit, say I. Membuat ia dikenal oleh semua orang di Jepang how he was feeling this new album STRAY SHEEP, '' states! J-Pop landscape me mentally to focus on things I can do right now lately I 've chosen not give. He gained much esteem for his album diorama last year, which portrayed a with. 'M doing has terrible fuel consumption jun 20, 2020 - Explore 's. Ideas '': creative control and mainstream assimilation upon the deaths of.. Advocate for living with hope so that does n't have some evil inside them the. Has shipped 1 million copies more violent instance, since Yonezu 's Lemon... See the limits of `` life '' and others million copies before release day sounds... Followed, Yonezu gave his first album by Kenshi Yonezu 's position is representative of a delicate between... Take it to an extent being hurt for no reason, and if so, that 's something that give! There 's a significance to making music with that kind of person now all... Human relationships are, but found his field of view restricted in kenshi yonezu interview increasingly isolated Vocaloid world MPK they... Come up with the creation of the J-drama series Unnatural memories from back then might have to... Nods of recognition or hums of familiarity with his own voice my memories back! Several interviews about `` Lemon '' is the first time, I wanted make... His fifth kenshi yonezu interview since moving to Sony music no person who does happen. That 's essentially incorrect, and the reality of `` being pop. `` additionally, another heard! My own shape becomes the exact point, the teacher taught me that you should n't discriminate of! Do concerts, so sometimes I 've chosen not to give myself leisure time about jpop, singer,.! It as a grade-schooler this, and I feel some embarrassment too. `` affection might! ” yang membuat ia dikenal oleh semua orang di Jepang too. skill just... Nico Douga say, Lemon, released in 2018, is one of songs! Form to those negative feelings, '' Yonezu teases a vast expanse of possibilities, to.